Who we are

ART SHARE is a new investment service, a new way of purchasing works of art for collectors and investors. The works are not sold in a traditional way but in shares.

Thanks to the highly innovative contents of the ART SHARE project, the Republic of San Marino has granted Art Shares S.r.l., which created it, the qualification of first-level startup, with a particularly favorable taxation treatment. This advantage is transferred to its clients, who can thus count on an increase in the profit margin.
Based on an absolutely innovative idea, ART SHARE however depends on the long experience of the company’s two founding partners, who have had over thirty years’ experience in the field of the sale of artworks and financial consultation for business enterprises. The project also uses the collaboration of professional art critics and curators, who guarantee the quality of the proposals. Innovation and experience are thus combined, guaranteeing sure and advantageous investments for its clients.

What we do

With ART SHARE, the startup purchases works of artists and collectors at advantageous prices thanks to its partners’ experience, then it offers them in shares to collectors.
With small, calibrated and diversified investments, the collectors become co-owners of valuable works of art.
Art Shares provides for the conservation of the works in total security and sells them on the market when the profit exceeds 10%.


Art Shares have at heart the interests of its clients: collectors, investors, operators, art-lovers. It makes it easier to invest in art, using an internet platform and facilitating the purchase of valuable works also without investing large sums.


Art Shares loves art and tries to propagate pleasure in and knowledge of it. It considers art to be a cultural experience but is also aware of the high economic value it can generate. It tries to extend the group of people who have the chance to enjoy beauty and at the same time increase their capital.


The experience and ability of the Art Shares team, which is able to identify the most suitable works for a substantial increase in quotations, and the tax reliefs granted to highly innovative startups by the Republic of San Marino, promise sizeable profits for collectors using ART SHARE.


Claudio Poleschi and Maurizio Fontanini study a selling method which can favour smaller investors in the purchase of a work of art with good chances of growth, and they investigate in depth the legal and tax aspects to obtain the maximum in the clients’ interest.


The ART SHARE project leads to the setting up of the Art Shares company in San Marino, after having obtained the certification for a highly-innovative startup. This certification grants the company substantial tax relief which is transferred to the investors, ensuring notable savings as compared to the market price, and offering sure profits.
The site of the ART SHARE project is developed with functions allowing purchase of shares directly online.


The ART SHARE project begins to work and has immediate success.

Our team 


Claudio Poleschi

Claudio Poleschi

Artistic manager

Maurizio Fontanini

Maurizio Fontanini

Financial Manager

Monica Goracci

Monica Goracci

Web Manager & Accountant

Alessandro Bianchini

Alessandro Bianchini



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