Who is it for?
The user of the ART SHARE service is a private client, a consumer, collector or investor in the contemporary art field who is interested in making a good short-or medium-term profit or in purchasing exclusively a work which they like.

How can I invest?

The purchase is made online on this site in the Works section. Choose the work and indicate the number of shares you wish to purchase.
You must accept the regulations and provide the requested personal data. Payment is made through credit card or bank draft. Completion of the purchase depends on the receipt of payment.

What am I buying?

The ART SHARE project offers shares of art works.

We are not selling a financial product.

We are selling co-ownership shares in a work of art.

How is the co-ownership managed?

The work made available for purchase is kept in a trust which safeguards the whole work. Art Shares deals with the sale and uses its experience to maximize economic performance.

How long does it last?

The operation lasts until ART SHARE has sold the work on the market.
The work is managed on the basis of a constantly-refined algorithm aimed at obtaining the best sale possible considering a short duration for the investment. After two years, if the work has not been sold on the market, it is put up for auction.
The various stages of the sale in shares and the sale on the market are always clearly visible on the site artsharesales.com.

When do I get reimbursed?

Within 30 days of the sale of the work the proceeds are divided up among all the co-owners on the basis of the shares held by each one, as described in the Example section. Payment is made via bank draft onto the account indicated by the collector.

How much does it cost?

ART SHARE subtracts from the collector’s profit a commission of 2.5% of the share of the sale price.
The commission is not applied when there is no profit and can never be greater than the profit made by the collector.
The aim is always for the collector to make a profit.

Why is it convenient?

The offer price of the works for our clients who purchase them in shares is the same as the one applied to wholesale galleries. ART SHARE has obtained special tax relief and from 2020 on enjoys a mean income taxation percentage of under 5% over 12 years. Share placement and the subsequent sale of the work in the interest of private collectors (not for companies) is not subject to VAT because the goods are kept in San Marino and are delivered there. There are no other indirect taxes on the operation.
ART SHARE transfers these tax benefits to investors, who can thus enjoy a mean saving of at least 15%.

Can I sell independently?

If the collector does not wish to wait for the sale on the market by the ART SHARE management, they can sell their shares of the work directly by yielding their position to a third party, deciding the price on the basis of a free negotiation with said party.
This operation does not involve Art Shares Srl. ART SHARE will reimburse the new share owner with the final sale, as long as they have accepted the conditions of the online contract and have provided the same documentation as the original client.

Where is the work?

The work is kept at the ART SHARES premises in San Marino. By notifying the co-owners it can be shown in exhibitions in galleries and museums in order to continue optimizing its value.

What guarantees do I have?

Before the works are placed with the collectors they are the property of Art Shares.
When the co-ownership shares are allotted, the works are put into a trust and a policy is applied to them which prevents their being used in any way which is contrary to the aims of the co-ownership management in the interest of the clients/investors who are the beneficiaries of the trust.
Clients authorize Art Shares to keep the works in a trust on their behalf pending reimbursement of the investment to each collector.

Can I purchase the whole work?

The whole work, corresponding obviously to 100% of the shares, can be purchased by our client by offering a price which gives a profit of at least 10% to all the other co-owners of the shares.

How is delivery made?

The work is delivered in the Republic of San Marino, and it is picked up directly or via a carrier commissioned by the buyer.

What taxes must I pay?

There are no taxes to pay, neither VAT nor other indirect taxes.