Art Share purchases works

In order to supply the best of contemporary art and to continually update the proposals for our clients, we purchase interesting works which have the prospect of a good economic performance.


The Art Share project gives the seller a higher profit than in auction sales and at the same time it manages to purchase works paying a lot less than he/she would pay in an auction.
How is it possible?
The final price for the buyer at an auction house includes auction fees (25%), VAT (22%), resale rights (4%), and a commission of 5% is also often applied to the seller. For example, with a final price of €135,000 the seller obtains €100,000 or €95,000.
If the work interests it, Art Shares might purchase it at €115,000 and still have a good margin for proposing it on the market and making a profit for its investors.< /br>
It’s worth doing business together!

How we operate

Choosing the works

We select artists and works which reflect our own investment goals. As for companies in fact, works (and artists) have different risk profiles and different levels of popularity.

Analysis of the work of art

These are the questions we ask in the stage of analysis of an artwork (or of the artist) in order to understand how worthwhile the investment is:

  • has the artist got a global base of collectors?
  • what is the artist’s appreciation rate?
  • is the artist sufficiently sought-after on the market?
  • can we assess the degree of market risk of the artist’ works?

Speak with an expert

To eliminate any further doubts, do not hesitate to ask for our professional advice.

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