Art in shares

An alternative way to use your capital as compared to classic assets

Step 1  

Art Shares uses its capital to purchase works of art from artists and collectors at advantageous prices, thanks to the experience of the partners.

Step 2

The investor invests in the work of art by purchasing the desired number of shares. It is a co-ownership purchase. You can purchase directly from here.

Create your strategy

To develop a good strategy it is advisable to choose different artists and works.
You can do it by yourself, or you can ask for a free consultation with one of our experts

Step 3

Art Shares sells the works and distributes the profits according to the shares owned by each investor within 30 days of the sale of the work.

Art Shares manages the collectors’ investment and sells the works when the investors’ profit is over 10% at least.

Do you wish to purchase the whole work?

If our clients owning co-ownership shares  for at least a year retain that the work can have a notable increase in price or they simply wish to be the exclusive owners of it, they can offer to purchase the whole work, giving a profit of at least 10% to all the other co-owners.

How to invest

Go to the Works section and begin to make your choices

The investment consists of the purchase of the desired number of shares. It is a co-ownership purchase. After having chosen one or more works and the number of shares you wish to purchase you can use the shopping cart to complete the purchase.

You can pay by credit card or bank draft and send us the CRO or copy of the bank credit transfer document.
Completion of the purchase depends on receipt of payment.

The purchase is not considered complete until you have also accepted the regulations.

Our exclusive algorithm manages the work on the market in compliance with performance and time constraints.
In this way the investor can count on an investment platform which maximizes the result of the single work being managed.
Within 30 days of the sale on the market or by auction, Art Shares sends a bank draft corresponding to the sum invested plus the profit (in proportion to the percentage of shares owned by you), subtracting a commission of only 2.5%. This figure can never exceed the profit whatever the behavior of the market.

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    How we operate

    Choosing the works

    We select artists and works which reflect our own investment goals. As for companies in fact, works (and artists) have different risk profiles and different levels of popularity.

    Analysis of the work of art

    These are the questions we ask in the stage of analysis of an artwork (or of the artist) in order to understand how worthwhile the investment is:

    • has the artist got a global base of collectors?
    • what is the artist’s appreciation rate?
    • is the artist sufficiently sought-after on the market?
    • can we assess the degree of market risk of the artist’ works?

    How the investment functions

    The value of the work of art is divided up into shares, to which a price is attributed. The investor can purchase one or more than one share. The works remain on display up to the moment of purchase.

    The ambition is to remain in possession of the work of art from 3 to 5 years, a period within which it will increase in value. During this time it will in any case be available for sale, so an operator can make his/her proposal of purchase at any moment.

    Once the work is sold, the profits from it, if there are any, will be distributed in proportion to the share owned by each investor.

    Speak with an expert

    To eliminate any further doubts, do not hesitate to ask for our professional advice.

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