Pino Pinelli

The artist was born in Catania in 1938, in the early 60’s he moved to Milan, a city particularly rich in that period of cultural ferments. In this phase of research, in which he tries to create a link between tradition and innovation, his attention is turned to the surface, to the “vibrato”, to the “anxious state” of painting, to search for a depth and cross it. In 1975 at the “Empirica” ​​exhibition Pinelli made the first break from monochrome and with the presentation of a small work, where he replaced the canvas with deerskin, he moved away from the idea of ​​painting and painted surface, identifying a new field of investigation. Pino Pinelli’s “doing painting” is an important and integral part of the historical, artistic and cultural context of the seventies: Pinelli goes beyond the limits of the painting, the elements of his painting are ” scattered ” in the space of the wall making the the wall itself is the absolute protagonist of Making Painting. From this nodal point the season of “Dissemination” kicks off, the always monochrome fragments will undergo variations over time, passing from rigorous modular forms (1976) to others that seem to swell due to a sort of energetic expansion (1984) up to the “scales “, characterized by the lightness as if they were the skin of painting (1986) and subsequent ones that have regained a greater body consistency.

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