“Facing America: Mario Schifano 1960-65” the first institutional exhibition in New York

The Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA) is a non-profit public exhibition and research center founded in 2013 in New York City, created to promote public appreciation and advance the study of modern Italian art and contemporary in the United States and internationally.
Each academic year CIMA presents in its spacious loft in SoHo an installation that examines the work of modern Italian artists rarely exhibited in the United States. The exhibits serve as the theme for the CIMA Scholarship Program, which aims to promote new scholarship and dialogue on the ground through the support of young emerging scholars from around the world.

The flagship exhibition for the 2021 season focuses on the painter Mario Schifano and his activity between 1960 and 1965, a reference figure in post-war and contemporary Italian art. Schifano radically redefined painting through his multifaceted approach, marking with his work the transition period from the postwar period to the new figuration of the sixties.
Through the radical redefinition of the principles of painting and the experimentation of innumerable means and fields of expression, Schifano developed a new visual vocabulary from the beginning of 1960. His activity was prophetic of the development of the visual arts at an international level, to the point that his works precede international Pop Art and are now comparable with the artistic revolution carried out by Andy Warhol in the same years in the United States.
Through little more than thirty works of considerable historical importance and absolute quality, the exhibition at CIMA aims to present Mario Schifano as a central figure in the transition between the immediate postwar years and contemporary art in Italy and internationally.

Opening picture:
Schifano, Mario, 'En plein air', 1963, Enamel on paper applied to two attached canvases 63 x 63 in (160 x 160 cm) Private collection, Munich. Mario Schifano Archive.

The exhibition is running until November 13, 2021, the exhibition is curated by Francesco Guzzetti. Source: CIMA – Center for Italian Modern Art • New York, NY www.https: //www.italianmodernart.org/ 

Mario Schifano's works on Art Shares
Mario Schifano, Inventory, 1973/74



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