The largest painting in the world is the work of Sacha Jafri

In collaboration with Dubai Cares, the world-renowned artist Sacha Jafri intends to create the largest painting ever made on canvas. Created over a period of 20 weeks, The Journey of Humanity by the Dubai-based British artist Sacha Jafri will measure1,800 sq. m—a size larger than two football pitches combined. Currently being painted it will reportedly then be divided into 60 smaller canvases (each of 30 sqm)

“I didn’t think much about it, I just said to myself: I will roll out a huge canvas and create an extraordinary painting” the artist confesses.

Part of the Humanity Inspired initiative, the complete work will be auctioned, with the hope of raising over 20 million euros to support the education of children, hospitals and health workers. On this line Sacha asked children from all over the world to send him their works on the theme of isolation and relationships, works that will integrate the painting, which will be completed in the next two to three weeks.

The artist is very selective about the sale and says: “I don’t want anyone to buy it, put it in a safe and store it and sell it four years later, because that’s everything I don’t believe in. I want someone to stand in front of my painting and cry,” and even though “my back is gone, there are times when I come back hard and tell myself that yes, this is a difficult journey, but it must be done because art is all that matters.”

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