The art of Botero? Stable and extralarge

At the age of 87, Fernando Botero is one of the most celebrated living artists in the world. Shy and reserved, he has always remained faithful to his “extralarge” style. His portraits and sculptures are known everywhere and the exhibitions of his monumental works count millions of visitors. And even with regard to the accounts, the artist does not seem to be affected by old age, nor even less by the impact of the Covid keeping in the Top 80 artists in the world.  Adam and Eve, the bronze sculpture made in 2003 by the artist and sold three years ago for 1,923,000 euros in the United Kingdom, remains, to date, the most expensive work of the artist. The Botero market seems safe, maintaining a large presence in auctions and rather stable values in the last ten years. With sales of over 20,000,000 euros in 2019, and with 77% of sales in the United States, Botero continues to say its, bursting and always plentiful.

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